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This bloated, self-important and logically absurd movie, made by the director of the equally historically hysterical Forrest Gump, pretends to the thrones of Serious Thinking, of Important Messages and of Intellectual Provocation. If there were truly anything serious, important or intellectual about this movie, this planet would be in big.

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Look up contact in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Contact may refer to: Contact (social), a person who can offer help in achieving goals Contact (law), a concept related to visitation rights Contact (amateur radio) First contact (anthropology), an initial meeting of two cultures Language contact, the interaction of two or more languages Sparśa, a.

Do you think there are people on other planets? I don t know. But if it s just us, it would be an awful waste of space. – – Dialogue from Contact You can hear an echo there of the hopeful, curious voice of the late Carl Sagan, who spoke optimistically of billions of billions of stars, and argued that if life can exist at all (and it can), then it.

Reading other peoples reviews, I see a split 50/50 argument where one side loves the movie and the other hates it. I am not one bit surprised, due to the importance of the film, and I feel this is proof that Contact is one of the most powerful movies of the decade. Like the reaction from the civilians to the machine, a movie with this much heavy.

Starring: Jodie Foster, Matthew McConaughey Summary: Jodie Foster stars as headstrong visionary astronomer Ellie Arroway in Contact, a drama of discovery, based on the best-selling 1985 novel by Pulitzer Prize-winning author and noted astronomer Carl Sagan. (Warner Bros.) This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. On an impulse, I went.

Contact is a film that takes place at the intersection of science, politics and faith. Those are three subjects that don t always fit easily together. In the film, an alien intelligence transmits an image of three pages of encrypted symbols. It is clear where the corners of each page are. It is also clear that the three corners are intended to.