Good movies yahoo answers

Good movies yahoo answers

There is a huge variety of sub-genres within comedy, and here are a few of them with some recommendations: Romantic Comedy Serendipity, Enchanted, Sleepless in Seattle, Annie Hall, One Fine Day Action Comedy Rush Hour 1&2 (NOT 3), Beverly Hills Cop series, Ghostbusters, True Lies, Lethal Weapons Teen/College Comedies American Pie series.

I don t have anything else planned for today and I m really bored. What are some good movies that I can watch that are on netflix? I don t have anything else planned for today and I m really bored. What are some good movies that I can watch that are on.

I ll give you MY top ten list: 10)11:14- dark comedy a little violent not for everyone 9)Zohan- not sandlers best but not his worst kind of sexual a little disapointing 8)Super High Me- again not for everyone probably only if you like pot humor 7)Dan In Real Life-more of a melo-drama but still has some funny scenes very good movie 6)Army Of.

Hi! Can anyone name a few good movies for a group of eleven/twelve year old kids to watch? Like Comedy Life related Just awesome!! Scary movies Languages : Hindi and English Thanks! Update: Hello! I thought of Disney too ( I guess most of you thought of Disney, it s awesome!) but all of us (eleven-twelve year olds) have seen so many Disney movies.

I find American/English horror movies crap, it s all about the same thing these days, so I love to watch Japanese and Korean movies. Here are a few: Ringu 1 + 2 (The Ring) Ju On 1 + 2 (The Grudge) Reincarnation Apartment 1303 The Ghost Preminition Dark Water I remember one I saw once. It was called either WALK INTO DARKNESS or something like this.

Ok so summer just started and I m seriously bored. I need something to watch! So are they any movies that are like really good to watch? I don t want. Yahoo India Answers. 11 answers. Report Abuse. Are you. But there is hope, when i want to see a good movie the place i usually go is on wikipedia . Can anyone name a few good movies for a group.

What are some good movies to watch? what are some good movies that are cute but can also be a tear jerker? or a movie that is a good tear jerker? or just a good movie to watch, no horrors or sci fi s please. maybe a romance, drama or comedy movie? if it has leonardo dicaprio in it or one of the franco brothers, EVEN BETTER!! what are some good.

comedy: yes man what about bob? oscar happy gilmore cloudy with a chance of meatballs i now pronounce you chuck and larry ace ventura: when nature calls bedtime stories (kinda corny though) real men hear no evil, see no evil hangover Pineapple Express (2008) Mallrats (1995) Knocked Up (2007) You Dont Mess With The Zohan Say Anything. (1989) Planes.

Films coming to the cinema in 2014: Vampire Academy- February Endless Love – February Winter s Tale -february Pompeii – february Son of God -february Divergent – March Noah – March Island of Lemurs: Madagascar – April Rio 2- April Heaven is for real- April The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – May Belle- May Godzilla – May X-Men: Days of Future Past – May The.