Upenn accelerated nursing

Upenn accelerated nursing

The researchers were able to find two questions that proved to have a 93 percent sensitivity in identifying delirium: patients were asked what day of the week it was and to recite the months of the year backwards. Image: © iStock serggn Programs of Study The College of Nursing features a complete range of undergraduate and graduate programs in.

Because of the RN to BS accelerated program, I was able to receive my BS in only four semesters! I was able to go to school full time without giving up work or spending time with my family. The acclerated program allowed me to focus on two classes at a time for seven weeks. Then, for the second half of the semester, I focused on the other two.

The Second Degree program is an intensive sixteen-month program open to individuals who already have a bachelor’s degree in another field. Students will complete 120 credits, comprised of 60 credits in general education and prerequisite courses (completed in the first degree program, prior to admission) and 60 credits in nursing in the second.

The Accelerated Program is designed for students who have earned a non-nursing baccalaureate degree and are drawn to the nursing profession through advanced study at Penn Nursing. Students enrolled in the program are ambitious, inquisitive, and diverse. They come to us from around the corner and around the globe; they have worked in corporate.

Degree Types: Accelerated BSN (second degree) Programs: Accelerated BSN, Accelerated Career Entry BSN Accreditation: ACEN Master s, ACEN Baccalaureate, CCNE Baccalaureate, CCNE Master s NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 97.20% (2014) Degree Types: Accelerated BSN (second degree) Programs: Accelerated BSN Accreditation: CCNE Baccalaureate, CCNE Master s, CCNE.

0 I m interested in applying to Penn s 18 month Accelerated Nursing Program; however, there is so much work involved I want to make sure it s worth the effort! Are there any Penn nursing students/graduates who could share their experiences in the program? Has anyone heard bad or good things about the program? Also, how competitive is the program.

Penn Nursing Science integrates clinical experiences with a first-rate liberal arts and sciences foundation, graduating leaders who will shape the future of health care practice, policy, and research. Requiring three years of clinical exposure, Penn Nursing Science actively partners with top-ranked teaching hospitals and clinical agencies. Students.

0 Hi all, Can anyone please give me feedback on the program and what your stats were when you got accepted i.e gpa. I have applied but I am really sketical on getting accepted. Thanks i turned in my application for this and the MSN. i have a BA in communication, and a BS in psychology, with a 3.5 gpa from those degrees. so far with my prereqs i.