Definition of absurd

Definition of absurd

Something absurd is really silly, absolutely ridiculous, or total nonsense. Thinking you can wear flip flops and a bikini to the North Pole is an absurd idea, for example. If you run into someone dressed in an absurd outfit or watch a movie full of absurd jokes, you ll probably have a good laugh. But find yourself dealing with the absurd; you ll.

The charges against him are obviously absurd. absurd claims of having been abducted by UFO s In an era when federal judges issue rulings that in their impact often rival the lawmaking of any legislature in the land, it is increasingly absurd that their proceedings should remain off-limits to the same wider public scrutiny that news cameras have.

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48: Absurd \Ab*surd \ ([a^]b*s[^u]rd ), a. [L. absurdus harsh-sounding; ab + (prob) a derivative fr. a root svar to sound; not connected with surd: cf. F. absurde. See Syringe.] Contrary to reason or propriety; obviously and flatly opposed to manifest truth; inconsistent with the plain.

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In philosophy, the Absurd refers to the conflict between (1) the human tendency to seek inherent value and meaning in life and (2) the human inability to find any. In this context absurd does not mean logically impossible , but rather humanly impossible. The universe and the human mind do not each separately cause the Absurd, but rather, the.

More One sense of the Latin word absurdus was ‘out of tune’, and in the past absurd was occasionally used with this meaning. From this Latin sense it developed. The Theatre of the Absurd is a designation for particular plays of absurdist fiction written by a number of primarily European playwrights in the late 1950s, as well.

utterly or obviously senseless, illogical, or untrue; contrary to all reason or common sense; laughably foolish or false: 1. irrational, silly, ludicrous, nonsensical. Absurd, ridiculous, preposterous all mean inconsistent with reason or common sense. Absurd means utterly opposed to truth or reason: an absurd claim. Ridiculous implies that.

British English: absurd If you say that something is absurd, you think that it is ridiculous or that it does not make sense.It is absurd to be discussing compulsory redundancy policies for teachers.əbˈsɜːd ADJECTIVE Arabic: سَخِيف Brazilian Portuguese: absurdo absurda Chinese: 荒唐的 Croatian: apsurdan apsurdna Czech: absurdní Danish: absurd Dutch.