My learning style essay

My learning style essay

My Learning Style Stacey B. Droogan Managerial Comminication/515 December 11, 2009 Ray DePuy Abstract The purpose of this paper will be to help me understand my learning style and give me a chance to analyze it and develop strategies to improve it. Before I was able to understand what my learning style are I had to understand the different learning.

This paper was purchased with a stolen credit card. Hopefully the fraudulent student will be happy to find it here. ————- Learning Styles Research shows that individuals learn in different ways. This has lead to several studies which have extrapolated the different characteristics associated with how people receive, process and utilize.

Color Rating Learning Styles- Theory of Multiple Intelligences -. This is the style most associate with in school since teachers usually verbally teach and use reading techniques for their students. A physical learner is able to act out information or perform it in a physical manner is able to retain the information better than sitting in a.

My Learning Style After completing the Kolb Learning Style Inventory I learned that I am a converging learner. A converging learner is someone who learns by thinking and doing. Each learning style have five behavior levels which consist of an assertive personality, education in engineering or medicine, professional career in engineering, medicine.

As unique individuals we all learn differently. Some people learn by listening, some by hearing, others must have their hands wrapped around the subject. Each and every person has a process by which they learn. One person’s end result of his or her learning process may be vastly different from that of their peers. The following paper will be a.

Regardless of the situation, learning is ultimately the individual’s responsibility. Learning will not succeed unless the individual feels a strong sense of ownership and responsibility in the process itself. In all honesty, I have never put much thought into my particular learning style. However, since I decided to embark on a new challenge and.

14.01.2007 · Video embedded · The first part is in my native language, and then the second part provides a translation, or at least an explanation. This is not a look-at-the.

This reflective essay aims to draw reflection from experience acquired from the Learning from Practice and Reflection (LFPR) module studied at level 1. My own development during this period will be examined in addition to issues encountered in the progression of the event/activities endeavoured upon. In an attempt to demonstrate significant.

Assignment 2: Student Essay Example My Learning Style and Strategies Throughout life, we learn. These lessons may be formal as found in academic studies, on the job through additional training, or personal, in the pursuit of an interest or hobby. Regardless of what, where or when we choose to obtain knowledge, how we approach learning is unique to.