Trumbull county ufo hoax

Trumbull county ufo hoax

In 1994, a startling UFO event unfolded in Trumbull County, Ohio that would involve over one dozen police officers. The recent Confirmation special on NBC allowed a public examination of this case and it s accompanying 911 dispatch recordings. Both an astronomer and a spokesperson from the local Air Force base provided skeptical commentaries. This.

by B J Booth, A series of unusual events unfolded on December 14, 1994, in Trumbull County, Ohio. Just after midnight on a late Fall night, a series of calls was received by 911 operators. These reports all involved one thing- reports of low-flying UFOs. The majority of these calls were heard by dispatcher Roy Anne Rudolph.

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“I was watching a television show about UFOs and it said that one been sighted in Trumbull County. Can you find me some information about it?” This question may not be any more alien than ones about the other type of flying objects, such as witches, pumpkins, ghosts, turkeys, sleighs and reindeer, that the Newton Falls Public Library staff answer.

The UFO hunters reopen famous police cold-cases involving mass UFO sightings such as the 1994 Trumbull County, Ohio and Holland, Michigan sightings and the 2000 Millstadt, Illinois case where 911 dispatchers were flooded with calls and police radio chatter of strange lights moving slowly through the sky. On December 14th, 1994, Police tapes, video.

Young graced UFOlogy with his rational approach to cases and wasn t afraid to call a case bunk. Among Young s many achievements: Maintaining the UFO Research: Cincinnati! website, obtaining secret UFO video recordings from the Department of Energy, and most notably investigating and publicizing the Trumbull County UFO incident where a UFO was.

OHIO UFO s. It can be demonstrated that police departments across Ohio and other states are more reluctant than ever to associate their departments or officers with alleged UFO occurrences, and understandably so. Those armed with the badge of truth do not usually relish their position as the middleman between the U.S. Air Force and the UFO.

UFO Hunters is an American television series that premiered on January 30, 2008 on The History Channel, produced by Motion Picture Production Inc., and ran for three seasons. Jon Alon Walz was the Executive Producer of the show and was responsible for selling the series to History Channel after a bidding war for the rights to the show broke out.

In mid 1947, a United States Air Force surveillance balloon crashed at a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico, prompting claims alleging the crash was of an.